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Designed to support a range of Recruitment firms with varied styles, volumes and objectives,  Quest Executive Search Software can integrate into your existing processes and enable you to develop more effective assignments and successful placements.


Our powerful cloud/desktop hybrid platform allows us to deliver Windows desktop functionality such as offline working and seamless Outlook integration whilst allowing you to team share data via our offline/online Cloud  data technology.


Contact Quest ExecutiveSearchWare today to arrange an informative demonstration of how Quest recruitment software can empower your executive search or recruitment business.



DESKTOP / CLOUD HYBRID. All the power of Windows desktop software with all the flexibility of the Cloud. Work Online/Offline.


Windows Beat Browsers

Offline/Online Cloud Data!

Truly Seamless Integrations

Work where you want and when you want and still share data across distributed teams and websites. With our offline/online technology, you can have all the functionality of windows software that HTML browser based solutions simply can't deliver and enjoy all the data access/sharing benefits that the cloud can offer.

Browsers are great for many things but running highly functional complex transactional software is still a stretch. Windows forms based application software can deliver a faster, slicker and richer user experience and of course allow the user to operate the software in offline mode.

The Cloud is an amazing tool to facilitate data sharing between users who are not directly connected via a corporate network. By using a hybrid windows/cloud solution you can leverage the advantages of the cloud yet still work offline and without the limits of browser based software.

Windows based software affords seamless integration into other windows applications such as MS Word and MS outlook. No clunky middleware or delays in processing inbound candidates or sending custom letters.

Quest Feature Highlights


  • Hybrid desktop/cloud recruitment software allowing full functionality offline working mode.

  • Network based configurations for larger sites.

  • Purpose built for Executive Search professionals including recruitment to recruitment.

  • Advanced Applicant Tracking System through our flexible Assignment Workbench.

  • Quest's advanced process automation ensures all steps between assignment activation and candidate placement are expertly managed, automated where logical and optimised.

  • Our wide range of online web connectivity options ensures even the busiest agency is not bogged down with timely database entry regardless of their volume or process.

  • The intuitive Mail Center ensures the files and addresses you need, relevant to what you are working on are quickly available and that bulk emailing is carried out quickly and effectively.

  • The Outlook Add-in ensures you can access automation features like Outlook2Quest, Web2Quest , Word2Quest and 3rdparty2Quest directly from Outlook's menu

  • The Word merge facility allows you to build any custom letter/report in Word and integrate it into the Quest print menus as if it was a pre-programmed report, ready for printing and emailing

  • In depth skill/sector/function tagging and advanced grading systems ensure your that candidates are effectively categorised for easy retrieval during the search process.

  • The lightning fast search tools ensure your CVs and database are searched in seconds, no search is too complex.  

  • A user-friendly interface and help videos ensure that your team is up and running in minimal time and the advanced features guarantee ongoing improvements in your teams performance

  • The Quest Community, monthly updates and our rapid customization service ensures your recruitment agency software is never left without your essential functionality no matter how unique it may be.

  • Our wide range of data import experience means we can import your existing data into Quest from other recruitment software such as file finder, adapt, RDP, general CRM systems and custom programmes with ease.

  • Our range of installation/database/replication options from single user to multi-site internationals with home/remote workers and real-time or scheduled data replication ensures your data is always where it is needed, when it is needed. Of course our hybrid desktop/cloud version means multiple SOHOs can work collectively with ease.

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